IMG_0255 - Version 2When I was treated for aggressive breast cancer, in 2005, I focused on treatment dignity and respect.  I wanted to live through the illness, learn from it and support a better outcome for others.  I now have a great opportunity, working for Macmillan Cancer Support (within our Supporter Donations department), to communicate with people affected by cancer and this has reignited an interest in poetry and the power of hope.

I want to offer much more than a walk in the park….
Many cancer patients spend time waiting, or in hospital, and surely being able to read something that makes you smile, whilst letting you know someone cares, is a good thing to have to hand?  As a Cancer Voice, I have written poems from my experience, written about cancer, and for people with cancer. These are bite sized pieces of advice from a good friend, to take with you -for “when you’re alone…”

If you appreciate my work then please make a donation to Macmillan, on my JustGiving page

If you want to do this in respect for someone else, I am happy to send a personal thanks, for all donations over £10, in celebration, signed by the author -details are on my sponsorship page

For more information about Macmillan, go to
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