The medics tell me I will cope,

With mixed reviews, there’s always hope!

The ones I love are there for sure,

And time, I’d like a little more…


We can’t go back, we’re never able,

To bring our bargaining to the table,

I would be good, and maybe better,

This girl’s a goer, if you’d let her?


I won’t demand to stop the pain,

The vomiting, or surgery drain,

I’m bald and that is okay too,

For just a few more weeks with you…


We none of us can know how long,

The sick or healthy can go on,

If I were God I’d grant a while,

To anyone made me smile…


It seems that those who are more kind,

Oft’ leave us naughties here, behind,

For sure my many clinic friends,

Though worthier, have met their ends.


And yet it’s been a bumpy ride,

But more days chuckled than I cried,

I’m grateful for a quite fair innings,

But would have liked to spend my winnings.


Can’t stop the tide, I have to go,

And when it comes  I hope you’ll know,

You need to cherish every day,

Don’t let a second get away.

Look after each and every sole,

You made me happy, life is whole…


Me and my cat have made a recording of this poem at,

Life Span

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