Do you think about the future,

Where you’re going, who you’ll see?

Who to take along a journey,

Where the final point might be…

Do you loiter in the shadows,

Linger sometimes in the past?

Holding on to what’s behind you

-Things you lost, remains that last.


Do you look now in the mirror,

Was the cure not how you planned?

See they knocked the stuffing from you,

Only now you understand.

You were torn and stitched and scorched,

Bits put back on here and there,

Like a sculpture that’s in process,

But at least you now have hair!


There’s a soul deep down inside you,

And it still knows who you are,

If you can accept the difference,

Then fulfilment won’t be far.

There can still be an adventure,

If whilst packing for the trip,

You remember sturdy shoes now,

It’s the time to get a grip.


Take the things that will be useful,

Not the things that flatter thighs,

You are in this for the long haul,

Kitten heels may not be wise.

Whilst the girl who joined this party,

She was funny (quite a clown)

Knows the fairy dust has gone now,

Did the medics let her down?


Not a bit, they were amazing,

Okay vanity is gone,

But shimmy into imminent,

You’re not the dying swan.

We can all support each other,

Be inclusive, have a laugh,

It is all to play for still you know,

It’s just the second half!

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