Photo on 2010-08-18 at 13.33With my career in tatters,

Ambition long behind,

I think about what matters

And wonder if I mind…

I didn’t save the planet,

Or sing in front of crowds,

This “wee” girl from the granite,

Her head above the clouds,

Dreamed once of corporate power,

IT, Communication,

An office in a tower,

Ideas above her station…

Can’t blame it on the chemo’,

I’d given up before,

Nor were the daughters primo,

New mum? -my job was more!

I could say I was naughty,

Refused to play the game,

I’d rather hip than haughty,

But worked hard all the same…

There isn’t much to show,

My CV’s quite a mess,

It seems the chance to glow,

It took off with the stress.

I’m happy being in the team,

Assistant, that’s me now,

But unable to drop the dream,

Too soon to take a bow…

Please see that I have skills,

And you could let them free!

I can do the job with frills,

If you’d only notice me…

I am clever and I’m witty,

I’m reliable and sound,

I’m no longer all that pretty,

But I’m bored here on the ground.

Every day I have a vision,

Of a challenge I can do,

Without your supervision,

And be showcased for it too…

I don’t want to have a title,

Just allowed to help you soar,

You could find that I am vital,

It’s a chance to take? -for sure…

Me and my cat have made a recording of this poem at,

The CV

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