I do know sometimes that you mind,

Yet I’m not leaving you behind,

Just joined a new club, Cancer Friends,

For sticky moments and sad ends,

To talk to, without burdening you,

To ask the tricky questions to…

I know you care, I know you’re there,

I try to smile, some hope to share.

Who laughs at pills and ultrasound,

Or side effects? What’s more I’ve found,

The others in this club you see,

Don’t need brave faces, sympathy,

They value time and hope and glee,

And don’t keep feeding me green tea,

But best they give me energy

For saving you and saving me….


I wrote this for national carers week and I often think it is those close to people with cancer that have the most bewilderingly hard time… Sometimes it helps to join a group of people with shared experience, to keep the cancer from normal family life -I have lots of cancer friends and they are very precious to me…

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