I never was a runner when I was small at school,

I was okay at the hurdles, but at hockey I’m the fool,

I can not hit a tennis ball to save my wayward life,

Yet now I do my exercise, and satisfaction’s rife!


With dry hair motivation, that comes with middle age,

I’m doing lengths of breaststroke, it is like I turned the page,

I run for miles around, the calories I’ll kill,

Have bough a powered bike because we’re living on a hill…


If cancer has you fed up, focus on what to do,

For some it is their diet, but red wine sees me through,

I know that there are people who swear by aloe vera,

And meditaions good, but my concentration’s rarer…


We all have strengths and setbacks, the hilarious, the sad,

But though all life’s precarious, change might not be so bad,

I’m not up to competition, but I’m fitter than before,

And I’ve overcome my memories of school PE, what’s more…


There is a lot of information out there about cancer and lifestyle, but my advice is that being healthy is good, as is being in control -so maybe do something you would not have done if you hadn’t had cancer?  That way it did you a favour?  For me it is exercise, the link with survivorship is well documented, although finding high neck swimsuits and running tops is an ongoing challenge for the “Holding it All Together Club”!  Yet I am better than before!

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