I’ll try to be a fairy, to take your pain away,

Or be a clown and fool around, until we find a way,

I’m not an academic, my heart is solid though,

I’ll never beat the medics, my knowledge uptake slow.

The ending mayn’t be happy but it can be good, for sure,

I’m waving magic dust to ask for just a little more…

You’ve got into my soul and so I have a need to do,

I’d run and swim and somersault, if I could just help you…

Us nymphs can be annoying with our wishes and our tricks,

But bear with it, we’ll smile at all the things I never fix,

You seem to have a humour and I’m glad to see that still,

I hope the ones you love will be more able than they’re ill.

I get your undercurrent when you laugh at silly me,

You’ve earned the sky and moon, my friend,

I’d like to have the key…

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