1972 1

What if it comes back? I asked,

The doctors eyes fell low,

Best not to think about the past,

The future’s where to go…


But what if this lump’s it again,

How do I know we caught it?

He said, best course is to refrain

From thinking more cells bought it.


I need to feel I’ll cope next time,

That I’ll spot that its there…

That you won’t inject orange slime

And shave off all my hair!


The simple questions annoy you,

And yet there’s no solution,

I did the things you said to do,

And then I cut out dairy too,

And prayed for evolution…


I know it isn’t done to lie,

You have your reputation,

The treatment phase has now gone bye,

I need to settle down and try,

Long life repatriation…


Yet, what if it comes back now?

I’m sorry to demand,

I’ve earned a right to why, and how,

This time, I’m in command….


Me and my cat have made a recording of this poem at,

What If https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87fRk3vi400&feature=youtu.be

Concerns about reoccurrence are there for most cancer patients and their families -I never did think I was going to die, but it isn’t enough to be told to put it behind you…  Yet I also find that many people say that if it happens again they will ask a lot more questions!

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