Photo on 2011-06-30 at 11.04Is this what you expected when you stared altering me? When you rearranged my body, patched me up and set me free? The stitches are quite ragged, is that usually your style? I have a fashion background and have wondered for while…

I understand mastectomy is not a level peg, But was this your intention, taking muscle from my leg? And though the muscles thriving that you brought round from my back, If you tickle my front front now, it’s my dorsal that feels slack…

And please can you indent this sort of blip across my belly? The fat that you transported has reduced itself to jelly, Don’t mean to be ungrateful but it’s not what I expected, Don’t suppose we can go back before the implant was rejected?

I have had experience of a lot of plastic surgery, that wasn’t because I was fussy, just things kept going wrong and people kept talking me into having another try (why?). A friend recently fought to have a double mastectomy rather than reconstruction (symmetry is always better!) -that seemed a great idea to me, but in recovery she was offered two prosthesis -how hilarious, I get the joke but the hospital didn’t see it was one!

My advice -ask questions, lots and lots of questions!

© 6/2014 Ailsa Tims. All rights reserved.

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