I’ve sometimes blogged and often blagged,

Divulged, indulged and also bragged,

I’ve even roped in stripey kitty,

She’s fat, the angle isn’t pretty…

So now I’m banging tambourines,

I’m on the soap box, making dreams,

A magic wand I never mastered,

But on and on I’ll wave the b*stard

Fundraisers give a good deal too,

-Just think of all the my mail to you…

In my attempt to make this happen,

With all that Ailsa …happy clap’pen!

It’s personal, give ’cause your friend,

Wants to write rhymes that aim to lend

A hand, and thought, and something funny,

Our cell fault cause also needs money…

Remember hope, remember care,

I’m cap in hand now I’ve got hair,

Once rocks and stocks, Italian purses,

These days I praise Macmillan nurses,

Please have one latte less today,

And send the cost Just Giving’s way!

It’s good, I’m happy, life’s fantastic,

My veins are once more quite elastic!

Okay I still have chemo brain,

But was I ever really sane?

It’s huge, I know, and people die,

I can’t stop that, although I’d try…

Yet writing out my bald faced jokes,

Could employ cancer special folks…

For bloods and bones and skin,

For lumps and bumps within,

I have to say us green guys are,

Most sarcoma inclused by far,

With plans to help at every stage,

For every type and every age,

I’ve learned to ask without regret,

For every time we give we get…

So today I wrote asking for money -you see I am glad that my poems make people talk and I am grateful that we can laugh about the past, but I do want this to help others in the present too, and that means paying for people who actually know what they are doing! Thank you for all the support, thank you to those who have also donated, but if anyone else would be able to make any small donation, on then you would have gone beyond… A donation to Macmillan really is a donation to everyone!

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