They cut off my right breast,

It’s possible to hide,

A well bought bra,

Will get you far,

A polo neck beside.


My mother has one leg,

You’ll notice straight away,

A drastic op’

Sarcoma stop,

It’s how she’s here today.


I’m bored of telling stories,

Don’t pretend that it’s not there…

Can post op’ scars,

Be like fast cars,

The reckless tales to share…


We didn’t lose a body part,

A brolly left behind,

Will options grow,

And people know,

Mislaid you later find…


My mother’s limb amputation taught me a lot about inclusiveness and there is still so far to go, people just don’t know how to behave! After surgery I wanted to be me again, I was happy having come through, but finding stylish clothes that cover the neckline is an ongoing challenge…


I dream of not explaining,

Of unblemished remaining,

Of clothes that I can wear!

If necklines are too low,

I never seem to know,

To cover, or not care?

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