french wedding 1999

Can something ever be nothing, once it’s inside your head?

Can we turn back where we started, get a new thought there instead?

So intelligent and funny, I’m accustomed to your way,

You are fragile, I’m the mummy, and uncertain what to say?

I can upbeat, that’s my job, but this time it is us,

This is real and I must talk to you without making a fuss!

So I can’t it kiss better, make you a favourite meal,

A plaster just won’t fix this, and Tinkerbell’s not real…

I know that you’ll be fine, so please don’t look fore-lawn,

We’ll hide under the table to stay out of the storm…

I’m trained to practise gratitude and if that fails I pray,

I’m guessing fairy Lego won’t take the pain away?

I wrote this for my daughter when she had a scare with a fibroadenoma… It is very different when I think my daughter could be at risk and although I was delighted that they did a biopsy, waiting for results is horrible!

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