photo_2The season is declining, a changing in the light,

The days are drawing colder and yet that is alright,

My time too, now in autumn, because I’m glad to say,

They did the operation upon a summers’ day…


So many friends they tell me that growing old is sad,

But swapping a few wrinkles for life can’t be that bad?

Okay July is over, bikinis not now wise,

That isn’t from the boob job, it’s chocolate on my thighs!


I’m like the well shook rag doll with stuffing hanging out,

But I’ll be here for winter, and loving it no doubt!

At last treatment is ended and with it came a time,

To realise that autumn can too be rather fine!


My shoes they are now comfortable, the stilettos I mourn,

The chemo did my bones in and the wiggle’s not well worn,

Yet pour a gin and tonic, cocktails, celebrate with passion,

I’ve plans to enjoy Christmas in a quite disgraceful fashion!


I wrote this because a friend inspired me to think about surviving to the end of the bell curve and I like the idea of that place too…

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