runningWe’re off on a walk this Sunday,

It gives us a focus to do,

My daughter and I have a fun day,

To raise some awareness for you…


I’m not qualified as a medic,

I don’t counsel or offer advice,

My rhyming could give you a head’ic,

Don’t tell me, that wouldn’t be nice!


In caring we’re looking for ways,

To enjoy what we do and to give,

I’m hoping though fundraising days,

We can help with the way that you live…


My friends you inspire from your illness,

I’m saying that now with a smile,

Sometimes it is grim but the wiliness,

Of you, lets me chuckle a while…


You’re always encouraging me,

A fairy who doesn’t do tricks,

To let out the fancies I see,

And entertain you just for kicks…


So we shall be taking a stroll,

In honour of those who’re amazing,

A gesture of help, not the whole,

A banner for you we’ll be raising…


One of the things about knowing someone with cancer is that you have to do something! And I think Macmillan provides a great platform of things to do -bake or bike, walk or talk there is something we can all do and giving to Macmillan is a gift for everyone! I am grateful for my work and looking forward to Sunday…

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