SD Team (1)This is the team of wonderful people in Macmillan Cancer Support UKO Supporter Donations; they tolerate me all the time!!!


You asked me for my best advice,

Yet I don’t dare disclose it,

The risk take for you isn’t nice,

Imagine if you chose it?

I end my days with wicked wine,

It should be herbal tea,

But a good Chinon is quite divine,

Oh please don’t mirror me…

Whilst taking a calc’ supplement,

Is good for all those bones,

It’s remembering that we lament,

Now I face vast unknowns!

I skip through life at eager pace,

And you know what that means,

I’ve charmed a special wishing place,

I believe in hopes and dreams…

I wouldn’t take the pain killer,

They had me in a daze,

No auditions for that thriller,

Do the medics say I’m craze’?

I’m rather spoken outward,

And I’m often causing stress,

Though you think that I strike a chord,

My life’s in quite a mess!

So see, it’s been a pickle,

Of a bumpy kind of path,

I’m winging this, I’m fickle,

Health’s not there for the laugh…

And last, let’s talk emotion,

I’d a family, and have yet,

Don’t admire my plans in motion,

It’s a path you could regret…


I am often asked for my opinion about treatments and choices, for me it was best summed up recently by a friend, who said that at the time you just make the decisions on the run… Maybe do as I think right, and not what I did -I support conventional medicine and then fall back on hopes and dreams -you will do better!! I can well remember the chill of the orange liquid creeping into my veins and the warmth of the radiotherapy machine, but I stopped the morphine because it buzzed my brain! I was okay with losing my hair, as that meant every cancer cell would go too, I forget to take calcium supplements and I like wine…


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