I do have a desk with a beautiful view! But cancer, do I really know what it is like? With my own diagnosis almost ten years behind, I am wondering if I am just a middle class army brat with an attitude? As this week I have spoken to a retired doctor whose wife died from liver secondaries and a grandmother of a 24 year old diagnosed with a brain tumor, there is a lot to listen to but not much I can say…

A toast to the people who I won’t impress,

They love you, they tell me, I have to confess,

So proud they’re to help you, though life’s in a mess,

I want you to know I care too….

The people who call me are funny and kind,

They tell me your story, I hope you don’t mind,

I’ll shred all the details the media could find,

I want you to know I care too….

Sometimes it’s an auntie, an uncle, a son,

A tumour, a rumour, a what can be done?

You’ve lost all your hair or the radio’s begun,

I want you to know I care too….

They’re cooking and looking to pay for a nurse,

A proper professional before things get worse,

I’m happy to listen to chapter and verse,

I want you to know I care too….

Some call up to tell me they’re off on a hike,

Just Giving, just living, they get on their bike,

Emotions, commotions, connections I like,

I want you to know I care too….

I have almost always worked in customer focused roles and now more than ever! We take the card donation calls and every one is a story. I say that I used to sell skirts but now I sell whims and wishes (and one size certainly doesn’t fit all!) -when cancer enters the conversation we need to look for things we can do…

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