class 1982

We’ve all been turning 50,

The class of 82,

We’re planning a reunion,

A highland kayleigh do…

There’s one who took the legal,

She’s singing in a choir,

And two of us had cancer,

A bit close to the wire…

South Africa, Australia,

We flung our talents wide,

Some still on farms in Scotland,

An artist who would hide…

A nurse who sends me Christmas cards,

A friendship that I treasure,

This funny class, of sunny days,

A half life that we measure….

And which of us are boarding?

Parents global engineers,

They took their risks and sailed their seas,

And left us here for years….

Yet here we were at 13,

All knees in grey and blue

Each one of Margaret’s women,

Knows how to see it through…

For sure we are survivors,

Some cousins, friends long term,

We’re thrivers and alivers,

And still we tenez ferme…*

I look at this photo and I know at least two of us had cancer, and many sisters, brothers, fathers, mothers -apart from the regulation skirts it probably brings us closer than anything else, I am so proud of the class of ’82, they are good women! By the way our motto was “tenez ferme”, allegedly a command to “hold fast” as St Margaret rode her horse across a fast flowing river -it still seems appropriate!!

One thought on “Hold fast…

  1. I love poetry for its ability to cut to the chase in a few words. I’m a psychologist too and it’s interesting to note how the war poets could express themselves at the moment of horror but those who waited to write prose needed around 10 years to deal with the second onslaught. I’ve certainly found that writing my memoir.

    Thank you for finding me, stopping by and leaving such an uplifting comment. I look forward to following your lyrical exploration of what you see and do. This piece is particularly poignant but dare I say hopeful.

    Keep well, Lisa xx

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