When things go wrong I think about those nights after school, when we boarders would beg to be let out and wet to the core whoop around the garden…


Lets pull on our wellies, it’s looking like snow,

We could run about laughing and no one would know,

There’s chill to the veins but the heart is a glow,

A frost in the wind with a wish…

The giggle inside though your pants are all wet,

The ice angels proud knew we’d never regret,

A wiggle, a skip and we didn’t forget,

A frost in the wind with a wish…

How magic the dark was, no fear for the night,

We’d beg to stay out ’til it melts out of site,

My pixy ears glowing, and still they just might,

A frost in the wind with a wish…

This week I had more news of a friend who is now terminal, it is hard to know what to say when all that is left is hope. When I was diagnosed it was our first winter in Switzerland and my daughters wanted snow and when I had my surgery it did and they made angels too… I missed that first angel but they had fun with their dad and I have this photo alongside many more winters!

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