I wrote this earlier this year but it is a good one for expressing my thoughts moving in to 2015, the ten years on…


I’m an army brat, who last July turned 50,

And the numbers of my life run through my head,

I’m a jolly sort; I’d describe myself as nifty,

And since April we were 25 years wed…

I had lived 5 places before being 5,

With another 4 before the age of 10,

It didn’t stop at that; I think that I’ve

Had 12 addresses more to add since then.

So that’s 21, plus a place we own in France,

2 cats, 3 burglaries, with just 1 man,

Then we count 2 daughters, things they did advance,

Till the point I’m at, without a future plan…

Though the doctor said 5 years I’m beyond 9,

8 surgeries, at 1 point death just missed,

As the girls leave home I think I’ll have more time,

For the 85 who are on my Christmas list…

With 3 A’levels, 1 bachelor degree,

I’ve a 4 day job, keep fit 3 times a week,

I think cheerfulness in life, that is the key,

And continued education -I’m a geek!

I have never had depression, I’ve had fun,

Even though my mum was ill when I was 7,

I attended 6 schools, got the peer thing done,

And some people keep 1 friend, I have 11…

I expect to add more places overall,

To the 15 countries looked at, 3 were home,

At 5 foot 3 I’m not exactly tall,

50 kilos, that’s a fairy not a gnome!

If the future isn’t adding up for you,

The times tables seem to stretch ahead from here,

And the years, I think I’m roughly ½ way through,

Though the beat has slowed to ¼ time I fear!

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