Regarding personal fitness (BMI),

I’m absolutely perfect and here’s why,

No ache for cake,

No thick milk shake,

Can break my resolution not to die…

Advice, I’ve taken shed loads, good and bad,

Literature fanatical (and plain mad!)

Reduced my caffeine in,

No carbohydrate sin,

And overall my wellbeing makes me glad!

When told to take a cure and shed my hair,

My radiated front even seemed fair,

My lust for life,

A surgeons knife,

The rational price to pay for breathing air…

So why is wine (with dinner) so seductive,

I know the stats say not at all constructive,

I’ve foregone more,

Yet I implore,

For me can Chablis really be destructive?

We put up with a lot in life and I am reluctantly embarking on a dry (most of) January… I know it is good for me, but I don’t do a lot of other bad things… Two days down, twenty five to go!

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