father in law

When we climbed up that hill,

And took in the view,

I felt there a chill,

As I know you came too.

The body destroyed,

The structure is gone,

But still hanging in there,

You still come along.

And trapped in a moment,

I’m out on a limb,

Indulged and excited,

A wish and a whim….

I know you are smiling,

Amused by the ride,

We are all now together,

Come what time, come what tide…

Last week we were in Penang, it is twenty five years since we were last there, half of my life.

We went up the hill to remember my father in law, here with us before; he was already a frail man. Gently amused by his son and new daughter in law, we knew that his prostate cancer was already advanced. It would be sad to think that he never saw his granddaughters, I believe he has always kept up with the game….

And the good thing is that when you live in the memory he treats me like the carefree young thing I was!

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