text cat

I like Anthony Wilson’s comment that whatever we write it is never the same for someone else, but at least we can be honest survivors…. The cat being my greatest supporter!

The French say, “bon courage”, the Swiss wished me all the best (invariably “good times”), but what should we wish most?

I’m trying to be outstanding in the “could’ve copped it” club,

I’d go and bake some biscuits, but we can’t fix this with grub,

I’ll write about the funny bits, of losing tits and sharpened wits,

Collecting them together in a caustic info hub…

I’ll tell you how I hated being bald, at forty, golly,

And hats don’t go in showers, oh the windswept look’s a folly,

The chemo brain, elusive vein, (the gunky drain), this will remain…

But do enjoy hair styling, the wig whilst on the dolly…

I’ll say, button tops are crucial, in keeping looking bright,

Some scarves can work for covering, if you can tie them right,

Stay cheery, though you’re weary (it makes the rest lest teary),

But never think of cancer as something you can fight…

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