9 to 5…


New photo id entry cards have been installed at work and we had the option to supply a new photo or use the one on our HR file. Mine may not be the best but it is four years younger, so no way am I going to change that!

Up the corner,

Down the lane,

Well pressed dresses,

On the train…

Often running,

Jobs to do,

Making cash for

Others, who

Need to know that

Someone cares

(sleepless nights and

waiting chairs)…

Who’d have thought it,

Little me,

Income process,


One tit restless,

Well cut hair,

Hoping you know

That we’re there!

The world of digital income is a happy place for me, I had thought my career would always remain in retail, now it is about lives and I know that we make a difference every day… https://www.justgiving.com/whims-wishes/

Whatever next…

This my tenth anniversary year and I well remember July 2005 because of the London bombings, the chemo was done and radio was just beginning.  Now I am far from those days, and yet summer will always remind me…

grey stripe

Stopped crying,

Still shaking,

Stopped lying,

Still braking.

Stopped coping,

Still hoping,

Stopped dying,

Still faking…


A feeling,

Still dancing,


Still fragile,

Still agile,

Still chancing,

Still got style…

Still wishing,

Fate fishing,

Thanks giving,

Still living….