As coffee morning approaches I had to give it a little go….

(apologies to Flanders and Swann)

We’re terribly Marks and Spencer at number 89,

I’ve baked a cake, make no mistake,

The butter icing’s fine!

We’re terribly battenburgh biscuits -there’s chit chat without ends,

The muffin tarts with chocolate hearts,

To share with likemind friends,

We’ve planned an uninhibited, drop in and sip event,

Pavlovas won’t relent,

In case of rain, a tent.

We don’t know if you’ll like it,

But we’re sieving floury sure,

Chin chin, chin up we’ll raise a cup together!

It’s fearfully “cafe matin” at number 89,

Très, très very contemporary,

The creme anglaise sublime,

We’re serving in the parlour, off mother’s best cake stand,

Victoria sponges grand,

Silver pot in hand.

We’re doing this ensemble,

(And dessicated) but sure,

We’ll lick those sticky fingers together!

It doesn’t mention cancer and won’t give you useful advice, in fact the idea of me inviting people round for tea is quite hilarious in itself, even before we discuss my total inability to bake (or eat) cake!  But I wanted to do something and playing the fool comes easy…

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