Slide1When I joined a trial for an online course in the autumn of 2013 I had no idea that I would make lasting friendships, we have ups and downs but still stand together and in a week when one amongst us is struggling, my aunt has successfully had another lung tumour removed and the cat will be having a suspicious lumpectomy (even my cat may have cancer, don’t laugh!) I think of that special friendship with gratitude…

You’re holding on,

and we are too

a snail’s trail,

what can we do?

The smiles,


the miles and miles

of time

are mine,

yet still you shine.

Such antics,

with a comic rhyme…

I miss the diss’,

a match

for me

I’ll never be

a patch,

on such a sassy lass.

you’re always more,

I’m keeping score,

inside my soul,

my life, my heart,

an honour

to still play a part…

If you have been affected by cancer you might find this type of online course helpful too

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