This week I will be contributing to Macmillan’s 25th anniversary Coffee Morning…

There comes a little sting to me,

That whilst on chemotherapy,

The things I couldn’t tolerate,

Were mornings, tea and coffee.

Ironic, so it is, to bake,

For raising funds, a sugary cake,

To care, but not to celebrate,

To treat tumours with toffee….

I shall wear my t shirt proudly, knowing a fraction of what cancer can do and hopefully being more helpful than dribbly… But let’s not forget that we are sharing good cake for those who possibly wouldn’t like a slice, but that is fair as we wouldn’t want to be in their shoes either 🙂

This photo of my daughter and I is from last year, but the dynamic duo will be together doing it all again! You can support my work any time, because fundraising is for life, not just for coffee morning! https://www.justgiving.com/whims-wishes/

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