Ho Ho Ho

santahatsAt this time of year I remember discovering a lump, I am grateful that the treatment worked but I know there are lots of people with scary stuff ahead, good luck to them all!


We’re waiting on an outcome,

And we’re waiting for a cure,

We’re waiting in a waiting room,

For hours and hours and more,

We’re waiting for a system

To reduce the wait, for sure,

Don’t bet on a fix for this by Christmas…


I’m hoping it is nothing,

So I’m hoping I was wrong,

I’m hoping if we freeze my head,

You’ll see my hair’s still strong,

I’m hoping that the orange stuff,

Won’t chill the thrill along,

Don’t bet on a fix for this by Christmas…


I understand the chances,

They are looking fairly slim,

I understand you understand

And that makes it more grim,

I understand you need to look,

I’ve always been quite prim,

Don’t bet on a fix for this by Christmas…


A very Merry Christmas and all the best for 2016!  Thanks to my friends, family and followers, I set myself a target of £500 a year on this and still have a little way to go, if you can spare or share this Christmas it would make a difference x https://www.justgiving.com/whims-wishes/