A cancer diagnosis can be a shock and decisions have to be made fast, there are people waiting to help!


At first you think you’ve got it but can still pretend you’ve not,

Then you know you’ve got it, but you’re not sure what you’ve got,

Soon the world is spinning and you might just lose the plot!

They say you shut them out; you’re trying to hold it in,

Cause if you’ve got to get it, there’s no need to give in…


Macmillan can’t change test results but we’ve seen this before,

We’ll be there through the drippy bits, the gucky and gore,

We’ll tackle this together, the treatment and what’s more,

They say you shut them out, but you’ll never hold it in,

Regardless what they do to you, life’s meant for living in…


At Macmillan Cancer Support, whether you’re worried about money or practical issues, have questions about treatment, or just want someone to listen, call us on 0808 808 0000, Monday to Friday, 9am – 8pm

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