Version 2

I am often talking about life and the language of cancer, and laughter, so here is a stab at a well known song… Because “when you know the notes to sing, you can sing most anything?”

Apologies to Songwriters R. RODGERS and O. HAMMERSTEIN


Let’s start at the very beginning,

A very good place to start?

When you read you begin with A B C,

When you’re sick you begin with,

“Oh not me”, “oh not me”

The first three thoughts

Just happen to be, “oh not me”,

“Oh not me, I like my hair!!!”


Let’s see if I can make it easier…


Owe, to get, but not to give,

Knot, a stomach feeling tight,

Me, a name I call myself,

Eye-s, that won’t shut in the night,

Like, the way I was before,

My, the things that I accept,

Hair, more than a hat for sure,

And without which I’m inept,

Ept, ept…


Owe, regret that doesn’t give,

Not, this really isn’t right!

Me, I hope to recognise?

I-‘m not looking for a fight!

Like, the way I was before…

My, the world that I adore,

Hair, the fluff I can’t ignore,

And continue to ask more,

More, more…


Cancer isn’t funny, but talking about it can help you to feel more in control!   If you like my work please share and if you have a little to spare support the work of Macmillan Cancer Support so that proper professional people can help where it is needed most!

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