composite before i dieWith Victoria Wood having been such an inspiration for me and another example of someone who has gone too soon, as I come down to earth from my second holiday of a lifetime I am forced to think about the bucket list…


Having been given the fatal diagnosis and survived I find myself, and others, wondering what to do about it!  Never a fan of doing things just to tick them off, I enjoy the routine of my job, the love of my family and always a new blouse -damn that middle class upbringing!  But what would you wish for?


‘Though British controlled, organised,

And ruler of the seas,

I’m trapped inside a bucket list,

Of things that should appease;

A bungled fumbled hold and grab,

The honey and the bees…


I’d like to sail the world about,

To join the dots I dream,

And now that I’m still actually here,

There’s pressure unforeseen…

Mature, demure, allure, for sure,

To be Jesus’ sunbeam!


I’d quite like go back to Greece,

Cooking chips ‘n serving beer,

I’d like a nose stud and world peace,

A prognosis that’s clear…

A warm fire on the coldest nights,

A life that’s been sincere!


It’s not so much what we could do,

But what oughtn’t have been done,

I’ll still give all my love to you

In Rio, Rome, the long run…

If only we could capture time,

Rewind, restart, dry run…


I think the proof of the existence of the mind is being able to do the irrational?  To achieve mind over matter, to survive extremes in pain, fear or abuse and maintain hope -a computer can’t do that!

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