national-poetry-day-2016-asking-all-the-naughty-cellsYesterday was national poetry day, for which the theme was messages and I wrote some Tweetable (is that Twitable?) work…

  1. The medics well meant,

But I don’t hear the message,

I give my consent,

For the cure and the wreckage…

  1. Message in a drip bag,

Communicates in vein,

Asking all the naughty cells,

Not to come again!

  1. How does the chemo,

Message my hair?

To self destruct totally,

And should I care?

  1. Message strings give you,

Support opportunity,

Always there with you,

Macmillan Community…


Working 9-5….

A crisp cold October,

A short skirt, boot throb,

A polo neck over,

The boob and the blob,

As leaves start to fall,

As clothes cover all,

We’re sparkly, un-sober,

And still on the job!

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