I have been thinking about what message my poems can give now, and I realise that time does bring acceptance.  In 2005 I was living in Switzerland and I had breast cancer.


I’m on my second pet since chemo,

And the kids have now left home,

But I didn’t change my husband,

So the memory’s not alone.

I’m busy being marvellous,

In a world of cancer care,

And although not so successful,

I believe I’m valued there?

Things moved ahead, in spite,

Of all the little setbacks when,

We didn’t get it right,

And the surgery failed again!

We’re embarking on a downsize,

My third move with just one boob,

More important than the medics now,

A good stop on the tube?

The life I thought would never,

Ever, ever be the same,

Has turned to be everything,

A normal one can claim?

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Macmillan’s ambition is to reach and improve the lives of everyone living with cancer and to inspire millions of others to do the same.


Slide1I am being told that all these ladies bearing their mastectomy chests are brave?  But I don’t get it?  For sure, inform people about the effects of surgery, but is that brave? Accepting life saving surgery is surely just sensible?  Living with it is inspirational, but being isn’t about courage, well not to me. Courage is laying down your life for another?

Where is the bravity,

In bearing it all?

I just see a cavity,

Into which we fall,

The brash of the victim,

Or physical kicked in?

Is honest exposure,

The lure of the maul?

I know that it is all interpretation, and people don’t mean to cause offence.  I am all for showing the reality of survivorship, just not brave!  Brave is for the glorious dead and we are very much alive!