Our younger daughter moved out on Friday, in the most permanent way, every thing has gone.  I have moved my desk into her room and the evening wear into her wardrobe, she had a very sunny view over south London and I shall wallow there.  I have chosen a couple of pictures for the windowsill and brought through the poinsettia, trying to convince it that we are already in Mexico?

My desk at your window,

In charge of the town,

I feel like a visitor,

Your aura surrounds.

Across many hard days,

We talked

To this view,

The dreams of your future,

And what I should do.

Now sunshine between us,

We still share a sky,

Both working away,

Though London divides.

I’ll pop on the kettle,

Hope you too have tea,

And text you advice,

On life now you’re free…

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