I work on the 11th floor, at 89 Albert Embankment, within Macmillan Cancer Support’s Fundraising Department, and we get a lot of very kind donations from enthusiastic supporters, but we are also told a lot of stories and we try to make sure everyone knows that Macmillan is there for them…


From a tower grand and tall,

Knitting hope for one and all,

Scared or sore or feeling silly,

Head goes hot or toes are chilly,

Looking for a helpful plan,

Speak to us, Macmillan can…

Let you say the things you know,

Keep the secrets you can’t show,

Be a friend upon the phone,

To the end, you’re not alone.

If the future looks quite sticky,

Or the chemo’s getting tricky,

Looking for fun things to do,

Helping others just like you,

We can run and we can fun day,

Morning coffee and a bun day,

Job info’ or high heat bill

Ask us and Macmillan will….

Do genuine and sound advice,

And care that comes without a price,

But if you want to donate too,

Then we’ll use that for others who,

Are in a cancer situation,

Across the lovely UK nation…


Me and my cat have made a recording of this poem at,

Ring 0808 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Ntbbg7lhYc&feature=youtu.be

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