christmas tree

Would a wish be enough for the pain in your head,

Or the gape in your bra or the things that aren’t said?

Could a wish be enough when your work gets too much,

For the questions that spin round, control you as such?

May a wish keep you warm when the rain starts outside,

Whilst a wish employs nurses to ease up the ride…

This wish could be care at the end of the phone,

Or maybe you don’t think you would feel alone?

Maybe wishes can organise wig wear advice,

Or a walking group ramble, now that could be nice…

The wish I see daily is people who do,

And they offer their money and sometimes time too,

And whatever it is why don’t you follow through?

‘Cause to give (as to get) is a wish that comes true…

Whims and wishes are my rambles on the edge of other people’s nightmares, but I know that sometimes the help needs to be a little more practical, if you haven’t already, could you donate something to Macmillan Cancer Support this Christmas and turn that wish into something tangible… It is as easy as a click…



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