Slide1I recently finished the book Tea and Chemo’, which I very much enjoyed, and the author, Jackie Buxton, was kind enough to thank me when I tweeted as much. However she talks about being someone always on the go, busy, active, in control (she is better with her alcohol than I am!) and it is like looking in the mirror- is there a cancer type?


As I finished the book I was also struck by what it all did and must continue to do to the family, our girls were 9 and 12 when I was diagnosed and have grown into such wonder women -is that fair? They might have been tempted to hide away from it all; I am lucky they didn’t…


Did I steal your childhood,

When they took my hair?

Was the wig so funny,

Did you care?


How do you remember,

Did we all seem sick?

Do you look back different?

Was it over quick?


For me you were amazing,

And the drugs were the concern,

You even sat and read with me,

Whilst they made me sunburn….


Memories change with age,

My front still looks a mess,

You help me find high necks,

It’s part of my success…


On fathers’ day weekend it is appropriate that we celebrate how important families are!


PS this is the only photo I have of me in a wig, I don’t look much fun!!

4 thoughts on “Under the bed…

  1. Ailsa, bless you, it was so kind of you to mention me in your post and I am so pleased you enjoyed Tea & Chemo and got so much from it. Yes, I wonder whether ‘busy-ness’ didn’t help my body fight the threat of cancer when it was still in a position to expel it while it was still a harmless bad cell, but then I think that there are so many reasons why people get cancer, that a different lifestyle might have got me in the same boat! On a personal level, based on me and only me, I do try to get more sleep, limit the alcohol and be as healthy as possible and after that I just live my life and hope. I hope that all our children will look back and think that an awful time made them stronger but of course, we’re women so we’re designed to worry and feel guilty about them!!! Lovely poem. Thanks so much for posting. Jackie X

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