A special lady known to me,

Refused the boobs obligatory,

And chose a flat chest symmetry,

In place of bumpy mammary…

She’s told breasts are a posh frock must,

And yet I reply, with disgust,

That silhouette is me, my life,

My possible, after the knife…


I have a friend who challenged the system by electing for a second mastectomy rather than breast reconstruction, and it wasn’t easy to get consent. I think it is a clever decision, which might suit others too?


Anyway she was told to get double prosthesis, as the clinic thought she would later maybe want to wear them in dresses -although she thinks unlikely. This is her account of the fitting -you have to laugh?


“Very interesting visit to the breast cancer nurse to get my new prothesises. After selecting and then shoving them in a bag remarking I don’t really intend wearing them we had a good chat about why. She called a colleague in. Nurse 2 listened and asked if I didn’t feel more confident now I had them on. Her face when I said they were in the bag not on was a picture.


They have asked if I would go and talk to their next team meeting and the next breast cancer support group. Perhaps I should start a boobless and free campaign!”


© 6/2014 Ailsa Tims. All rights reserved.

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