3ways - Version 2

“shows us your boobs”

they shout for a laugh,

a pub crawl,

a street brawl,

not funny by half…

I’ll lift off my hair

and lift up my top,

then you’ll blush,

your friends hush,

’cause your joke’s a flop…

I am very happy with being me, probably happier than most, but one thing that I still find hard is the “get your tits out” joke (and I have also been a party to other women who know I had a mastectomy joking that they “flash” their cleavage!).  I remember a long time ago a young girl having chemotherapy and she would come into the pub I worked in and literally get a laugh out of taking her hair off -much water has passed under the bridge since and I wish her more well than she will know, but I admired her pluck and do still…  It is assumptions that are the problem, and I wish I had more guts, but then, just imagine if I had…

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